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I think. We create. You grow.

Your time is important. So why not lean on a partner to help you solve your most pressing problems?

You’re tasked with digging into the mind of your target audiences, discovering what motivates them and implementing sales enablement plans to grab their attention.

But chances are, you’re short on time. And when you’re short on time, you don’t often have the head space to brainstorm new ideas and deploy creative solutions.

So why work with me?

I know what you need. As a curious and creative problem solver for growth — whether in sales, business or personal lifestyle — I make the time to focus, discover and create sales enablement tools to rock your sales opportunities.

I think outside the box, bringing different ideas and approaches from my 30 years of working with Fortune 500 brands such as Mastercard, Microsoft and Motorola and medium-size businesses such as LPL Financial, Illumina and the University of California San Diego. I’ve also worked with small businesses to build their sales pipelines and communicate their stories.

I’ve helped clients with everything from strategic planning to content development to sales enablement and training in industries such as financial services, payments, fintech and supply chain just to note a few specialities.

My focus is to become a valuable extension of your team without the typical costs of full-time employees.

I think. We create. You grow.
I’ve been in your shoes.
I’ve struggled with too many priorities and too little time. I’ve been continually challenged to find creative solutions to complex problems. I’ve been short on resources and could have really used another person to get all the work done.
Then, thanks to some great partners, mentors and experiences, I discovered and enhanced my skills and knowledge — and now I offer my time and experience to sales and marketing leaders who need to tackle important projects.
I know the business.
I bring nearly 30 years of award-winning marketing, content writing and sales enablement experience with Fortune 500 companies and medium-size businesses in payments, financial services, technology and supply chain management. I’ve become a trusted, thinking partner who creates the “growth” space, so you can get on with your projects, goals and dreams.

There are so many ways to work together, depending on where you are in your sales enablement stage from development to strategy to execution. I also have a network of writers, designers and  website architects to help meet your project needs.


( brainstorm and plan)


( content plus digital assets )


( actions that amplify )

I’m multifaceted

When it comes to creating and implementing actionable strategies and plans, my clients appreciate my unique approach and combination of skills:
I’m a curious and creative problem solver for growth whether in business, personal or lifestyle
I make the time to focus, discover and create sales enablement tools
I think outside the box and bring different ideas and approaches because I’m always growing my sales and industry knowledge
I can help you with strategy to implementation and everything in between
I am a valuable extension of your team without the typical costs of full-time employees
I’m always asking, studying, creating and taking action in every aspect of the sales enablement process so you can make better deals and focus on your goals.
Success Stories

Here is a representative sampling of client projects I have managed.

Researched and created sales presentations and marketing materials for use in client meetings, digital marketing and campaigns
SUCCESS: New business leads and opportunities
Trained representatives of major global brands in person at multiple locations on new products and how to increase customer sales

SUCCESS: Over 50% increase in annual sales

Developed several marketing materials (e.g., sales sheets, eDMs, ebooks) used by sales in global offices for new and existing clients

SUCCESS: Increased sales and additional products 

Implemented global PR initiatives for multiple clients which included press collateral development, executive messaging, media outreach and press events

SUCCESS: Increased visibility, brand awareness and sales due to articles

Launched new employee communication program for 1500 employees across several countries and channels with key communication messaging by senior management

SUCCESS: Built up employee morale and retention

Hosted product education seminars throughout Europe and Asia attended by potential clients at different dates and locations; events included guest speakers, product demonstrations and entertainment

SUCCESS: Sales growth for multiple divisions and programs

Great clients I've worked with and the results we've achieved together

Sales enablement tools created
% sales growth for customers
Strategy and action plans followed
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